Canadian Music Week or Bust

I feel it folks.  I feel it in the air.  There’s a buzz and I kind of love it.  Adorable boys wandering the streets of Toronto form all over, 4am last call and hangover work Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday.  Yep CMW or CMF or whatever we’re calling it now is on, and as much as I wasn’t that excited about it this year, I’m getting the tingle.  Bands, DJs, Films they got it.  We’re not in Kansas anymore kids.  Even those DB clubs like Cobra are in on it!

I’ll be fast and just throw some names out there to get the juices flowin’.  A little someone called Joel Plaskett, Jason Collett, Zeus, Bahamas, The Wooden Sky, Two Hours Traffic, Yukon Blonde, Born Ruffians, Arkells, KOS, Fucked Up, Darlings of Chelsea, The Dudes, Cadence Weapon, Sights And Sounds, Moneen, The Rual Alberta Advantage, Great Lake Swimmers, Hot Hot Heat, Bedouin Soundclash, Jeff Martin, Brian Borcherdt, A-Track, The Constantines and waaaayyy more.  Wow that was a mouthful.

Here are some of my suggestions on what to check out TONIGHT.


Lee’s Palace
529 Bloor Street West

The Bonfire Ball Revue Tour.  Jason Collett, Zeus, Bahamas.  Do I have to say more? If you haven’t heard of these bands then dust yourself off from the rock you’ve been under and get with it! Doors are at 8pm and I suggest you go for the entire thing.  If you have tickets get there early if you have passes God help you.  You won’t want to miss anything.

El Mocambo
464 Spadina Ave
Fucked Up @ 1am — Yeah remember those folks who won something called the 2009 Polaris Prize?  

Lifestory Monologue — 9pm

The Black Swan — 10pm
Bastard Child Death Cult — 11pm
Tropics — 12am
Fucked Up — 1am

Roosevelt Room
2 Drummond Place

Eye Weekly Opening Night Showcase
Styrofoam Ones — 9pm
DVAS — 10pm
Paralles — 11pm
CFCF — 12am

And that’s just tonight.  Check back for more suggestions and to find out what kind of trouble we obviously got ourselves in.

For more information and the full schedule click CMW.
That’s all for now.



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