Talk About a Rough First Day on the Job!

So new Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate had quite the first day on the job. In her first major skit on her first ever episode of SNL, she accidentally dropped the f-bomb.

Slate was doing a biker lady talk-show skit with Kristen Wiig when she said “You know what? You stood up for yourself, and I fucking love you for that.” She realized the boo-boo immediately and a look of sheer panic crossed her face.

Faster then Britney Spears can down a bag of Cheetos, NBC issued a statement that they have no intention to fire Slate, but confirmed that a meeting was held immediately after the show to discuss the issue.

I once walked with my skirt tucked into my pantyhose from the bathroom to my cubicle while wearing a pair of 1-size-too-small cherry print underpants with an exhausted and frayed elastic band.

Have a great fucking Monday.


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