Overheard on Corporate Email

So, we pretty much think we’re above everyone for being cool enough to have gone on a 7 day vaca to Tokyo back in ’08. Don’t believe me? Proof:

M: I just like all things japanese now. I walked past a cute japanese dessert place in piccadilly. i wanted to stop and go in, for no apparent reason other than it was Japanese. There’s also a japanese store by my house that sells real japanese green tea, from japan. I have to get some. There should be support group for people like us!

K: Ph my gosh. I know, right?! Like anytime anyone remotely mentions Japan, I feel like its my duty and obligation to make a comment. Like I own Japan. Like I invented Japan. But seriously, seriously, I feel the exact same. Like we actually NEED to go back every few years because we need to continue the charade of being complete assholes and thinking we’re above anyone who hasn’t been there.

Me: hahaha. And it’s not THINKING, it’s KNOWING. Word


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