CD Review: Bella Clava – Cold Spell

It’s no secret (to my friends, family, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses that no longer come to my door) that I like to clean my apartment in the nude. The combination of my bare ass and Mr. Clean fumes really starts my engine, you know? And as it turns out, the Bella Clava EP – Cold Spell – has become the soundtrack to my nude dusting and vacuuming. I would hope that the band would consider this a complement, given that I’ve always reminded myself of Gisele Bündchen {snort}.

I saw Bella Clava live for the first time last Friday at The Horseshoe tavern, and their set truly lived up to the quality of the EP. Also, I would totally make out with sultry singer Caitlin Dacey (Yeah, I do that now. There was this chick in Chicago and we met in line for the bathroom and she liked my dress and….yeah…that’s all it took…but I digress). Caitlin’s fucking hot.

Bella Clava is:

Caitlin Dacey: vocals, piano, organ, bass
Steve Suttie: vocals, guitar, drums, bass
Luis Figueroa: drums

So here’s my take on the EP. Buckle up.

Track #1 – Didn’t Come Here to Love You

Sounds like: Black skinny jeans and red lipstick. And a similar vibe to The Kills. Sexy, slinky, seductive fun. My dim memories of high school would indicate that I just used alliteration. Ugh, now I’m exhausted. I want a nap and some pancakes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Track #2 – Disgusting

Sounds like: When I was in high school I was obsessed with a movie called Mad Love, starring Drew Barrymore and Chris O’Donnell (yeah, remember him?). It was a boy meets girl, girl has may-jah mental problems, boy runs away with girl to Mexico, boy wakes up to find girl gluing creepy pictures of eyes all over their rented Mexi-hovel, girl goes to psychiatric ward type of thing. You know, the usual. Anyhoo, Mad Love had a killer soundtrack including 7 Year Bitch and Elastica. ‘Disgusting’ would’ve fit like a glove in this soundtrack.

Rating: 4/5

Track #3 – Blu Blockers

Sounds like: A little 7 Year Bitch and a couple of shots of tequila. Moody and addictive. My fave. The next time I mud wrestle for subway tokens, this will be my song. Also, I’ve been taking pole dancing classes again and I may do a routine to this. Don’t freak out.

Rating: 5/5

Track #4- Wine Dine ‘N Dash

Sounds like: Down and dirty fun. On repeat on my iPod for days. My new pre-party anthem. Every day I steal a piece of individually wrapped Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese from the cafeteria in my building. It used to embarrass my co-worker but now she does it too. It makes me feel alive. I don’t know why. I like to cheese ‘n dash.

Rating: 5/5

Track #5- Square Dance

Sounds like: The perfect pre-drinking sing-along song for a booze-infused night out that will no doubt end up being described as a total ‘shit show’. Probability of the night ending with a missing show and a mug shot = high.

Rating: 5/5

Track #6 – Bug

Sounds like: Meh. Love the lyrics, but something falls flat for me on this one. That said, do the music supervisors at True Blood know about this song? I think it would work. Someone make it happen. And fetch me a latte.

Rating: 3/5

This buzz-worthy band is just getting started. Trust. Go see them now before they become too famous and important to talk to you after a set.

Upcoming shows”

August 17 – 9 pm – The Drake Underground

Check ‘em out on MySpace:



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