Denim Overload

Let’s do some simple fashion math.

Denim jacket = good. Denim skirt = good. Denim jacket + Denim skirt = Denim Overload. It seems so simple. And yet…

You know those people who are, like, terrifyingly into jeans day at work? These are the people who assault my eyes every Friday in their (what can only be described as) denim suits. These are also, typically, the same people who have beanie babies adorning their workspace. And cat calendars. Three of them. These denim suits are fashion road kill and an overall plague on society. Yet, some people still manage to take it up a notch. How? With patchwork denim. Patchwork denim is the devil’s handiwork. Patchwork denim haunts my dreams.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy denim chaps.




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