Texts From Last Night

From time to time here I like to post actual email or text conversations my friends and I have. I’m not sure why I do this. It just reveals to the world how truly crazy I am/we are. But it’s kicky and fun, so why not?

Here’s a text convo between myself and K last night. K was at Holt Renfrew for an event with super fashion blogger The Sartorialist. I was running around the city with a cosmo buzz and a stomach full of truly terrible poutine.


K: And I drunk. Thank you Holt’s.
Me: Nice. Ditto. Drinks on a deck. May vomit pink. I hear afterparty is at The Drake.
K: Yeah are you coming? I will prob be sober then cuz poor.
Me: Nah. Thought about it but will be out late-ish as it is. And can’t afford the drake. Ha.
K: I think I’m in hookerville? Cuz I really hope someone just slipped some drugs into my drink but I’m pretty sure I’m in hookerville.
Me: If it looks like hookerville and tastes like hookerville, it’s hookerville.
K: Im sacred?!?! (note: she meant ‘scared’)
Me: You should be. Do.not.take.off.your.bra. That’s what they want you to do.
K: Ah ha ha. There is a girl wearing a neon blue condom as a dress.
Me: She borrowed that from me. I am incredibly generous.
K: Ah ha ha ha! I wish I was brave enough to take a photo but im convinced her john is near.


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