I Wasn’t Emotionally Prepared

To deal with the news that the Taco Bell Chihuahua has died.
I pray at the church of Taco Bell and have been on their mailing list since the first time I tasted their intoxicating blend of processed cheese and (what I have convinced myself is something real similar to) ground beef.
My 16th birthday party was at Taco Bell. I may currently work at Taco Bell. That would at least explain the employee discount I demand on each and every visit.
The Taco Bell Chihuahua had a name – a good one. I can’t remember it right now. I want to say Midget…
I just looked it up.
It’s Gidget.
Midget is better. Just sayin’.
Gidget also played Bruiser in the Legally Blonde movies. I hear he was hooking up with Reese Witherspoon in her trailer between scenes. Craft services kept having to buy new jars of peanut butter.
I’ll give you a moment to process that one.
You there yet? Good.
I made that part up because Reese is dating my husband.
Yo Quiero Gidget. Yo Quiero Forever.
Say hi to my cat Smokey.


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