Reverse Mullet vs. Meth Face

I’m mildly obsessed with the saga that is Jon and Kate + 8. After they announced a few weeks ago that they were getting divorced, my wails of sorrow could be heard across the city. For a brief moment, I was on Jon’s side. I’d be running to divorce court too if my spouse constantly yelled at me in the grocery store, barked orders like a drill sergeant on a coke-fueled rampage, and had a vagina the size of the Lincoln Tunnel. I dismissed the allegations that Jon had cheated. After all, how could a man who clearly spends all his time fidgeting with his bluetooth headset and buying Ed Hardy shirts find time to skank it up? Then pictures surfaced of Jon with his 23 year old ‘girlfriend’ Hailey Glassman living it up in St. Tropez. Um, dude. The body isn’t even cold yet. So Jon’s off smoking and cavorting on a yacht while Kate is at home with 8 kids. I imagine she spends her nights watching soft core porn and ordering clothes online from Dress Barn. In the battle of Kate vs. Hailey – you decide. Reverse Mullet or Meth Face?


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