Review: The Dudes @ Reverb – NxNE (June 20)

Good day friends,

I’m sitting in my dark and cool basement apartment, nursing what I can only assume is a bout of bubonic plague. All I can keep down is Sunny D and sour candy. True story. Ugh. So sick. Also, I’m nursing a broken heart over Jon and Kate. Really, I am. I mean, Kate’s a total cuntbasket and all but I really thought those two would make it work. She was nice once and I believed she could be nice again! Really, she was! There’s video to prove it! And I feel so sad for the kids. Actually, I feel sad for Alexis. She’s my favourite.

Moving on.

Saturday I headed to the Reverb where Calgary-based The Dudes were playing as part of NxNE. First I should say this: I have this thing. An issue. A foible if you will. I can’t stand listening to bands whose songs I’ve never heard. It makes me itchy and bitchy. I’ll always go out to support a friend’s band, of course, but I’m not big on random gigs. So prior to NxNE I did my research (thanks MySpace) and I was fairly certain that I would like The Dudes. As it turned out – I LOVED THE DUDES. They are one of those bands that I left a show thinking “How are they not one of the biggest bands in the country right now?” This thinking then morphed into a silent rage over how Nickelback gets radio play. But that’s a story for a different time. Seriously, I could listen to the Dudes all day.

Who are The Dudes? We’ve got: Dan Vacon on vocals, Scott Ross on drums, Bob Quaschnick on guitar and Brady Kirchner on bass. Props to Dan who played with a broken collarbone, arm in a sling. Apparently he’d been puking all day. Poor kid. But had he not mentioned it I never would’ve known he wasn’t playing at 100%.

The Dudes played an amazing set. Tons of energy, catchy good old fashioned rock tunes and great stage presence. I couldn’t help but dance, they were THAT GOOD. Everyone I chatted with after their set had the same reaction. And when us TBS gals left the bar a bit later (ok, like waaaaaaaay later – like 3 a.m.) The Dudes were happily signing autographs.

Their third album, Blood Guts Bruises Cuts, was released June 2, 2009, via LOADmusic/EMI. I have no doubt that this is the album that will catapult them into national fame. They’ve already been named Calgary’s favourite band of 2006, 2007 and 2008 by Fast Forward Weekly. And you may recognize their song ‘Dropkick Queen of the Weekend’ from a Rogers mp3 phone commercial.”

The Sounds Like on their MySpace says: The album you should have put on for your all night kegger bbq party.

Well, as a girl who attends all night kegger bbq parties on an almost weekly basis, I can say this: agreed.

Link to MySpace:

Bob_The DudesBob_The Dudes_2Brady_The DudesDan-The DudesDan-The Dudes_2


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