For Once, Gossip I Can Actually CONFIRM

On today re: Twilight crew/cast currently filming in Vancouver:

As for what the Twilight kids were up to this weekend: on Friday several of them went out for dinner – cast and crew – in Yaletown including Kristen (Stewart), Nikki (Reed), Jackson (Rathborne), and Robert (Pattinson).

Um yeah, we know. We were there (see below). As for the rumours that Nikki and Robert are hooking up big time, who knows. I didn’t notice them talking at the bar/restaurant, but then again I was just trying not to vomit/run over to Kristen and lick her neck. She looked kinda gross anyways. Which should have turned me off more than it actually did. Oh and she was wearing glasses. I’m a sucker for a slightly dirty actress with glasses. So to sum up, I’m kind of gay for Kristen Stewart. I know she’s a bitch but I would give my life savings for her to blow cigarette smoke in my face. And on Friday my wish would’ve been granted had I moved 3 feet to the left. God = 1, Jenn = 0


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