Mommy Dearest

So it’s fairly common knowledge that I have the cutest mom ever. True story. She’s short and French and loud. And has never – not even once- NOT been cut off while leaving me a voicemail on my cell. She likes to call and leave me running commentary on her day. No joke, I get 5 minute voicemails from her describing the sandwich she made for my dad for lunch, the fact that she won 2 games of computer solitaire in a row, and every – single – detail – of the latest episode of Ghost Whisperer. Today, my mom has reached new heights of cuteness. Below is the EXACT text of an email my mom sent this morning. I’m not even going to edit the typos, because they just make it more fun. Enjoy.

Good morning sweetie!..  This morning, in the lawndry room, I met  this VERY handsome young man named Kevin. He’s 28 years old, his dad is scotish, his mom is Dutch born in Amsterdam speaks dutch fluently. He moved here last month in a 2 bdrm apt. on the second floor with a roommate (male). His supervisor is my friend Shirley, he works for Tim Horton across the bridge (you know the one) he is the baker. He went to Niagara College He is taking a course as an electrician. (his dream). Sunday was his birthday so meaning it can’t get better than this because he’s an ……..ARIES!!!!!.   and the best part…………HE HAS NO GIRLFRIEND……We were just making conversation.  I promised you that I did not question him like an investigative. (Cause I know that’s what your’e thinking).  Well, that is all for today.  You know I love you………Hope we will be able to fix our Skype soon.   Miss you, love you. 


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