Mommy Dearest: Part Deux

See post below before reading this one. Then slap on your adult diapers and enjoy this latest email from my mother, the world’s worst matchmaker.

I’m back from my errands and as I was parking the car, I see Kevin in the driveway waving at me so of course, I waved back at him and I noticed that he was smoking, so I said to him, “it is nice of you to smoke outside the car” which  looks like a sort of a small van or jeep….whatever……I saw a lady at the wheel so he said to me come and meet my mom.  So I met the dutch mom. Very tiny, dark blond with glasses, nice smile, very soft and friendly. He was so proud to introduce me to her. She was born in Roterdam not Amsterdam. Since he told me he is off work today and tomorrow, I thought that his mom is probably picking him up for the day.   Wow……what a Mom!….Totally unlike {name of my life loser ex-boyfriend}‘s mom.   Don’t you think so.?? …. That is all for today.  
I’m having fun with this.   I love you and I want you to know that everything I do is for your own interest and more for your happiness. Trust me.     



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