CMW @ The Royal York Hotel: Friday, March 13




The ladies and I found ourselves at the Royal York hotel Friday, nerve centre of all things Canadian Music Week related. The lobby was total craziness, swarming with musicians and industry types. A great buzz, but I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the wayward business traveller checking on for the weekend and thinking WTF is going on??? The entire first floor of rooms reeked of cigarette smoke (and other substances) and I saw more long hair on men than I’d seen outside of Guns ‘N Roses concert footage circa 1988. K was volunteering (ain’t she great?) and managed to keep everything together and on schedule despite being on only 3 hours of sleep. Big ups, K. We decided to grab a drink in the hotel’s bar – Epic. Immediately upon entering the bar, we spotted Leslie Carter (lesser known Carter sibling of Nick and Aaron Carter) sitting with a manager type. Her face dipped in 2-shades-too-dark foundation, Leslie looked less than pleased to be there, but did offer a somewhat friendly reply when I asked to take one of the chairs at her table. And the highlight was definitely the snacks. Oh, the snacks. The Epic bar may be my new favourite place. Though the bottle of domestic beer cost me $6, the snacks more than supplemented: a hearty mix of pretzels, corn nuts, wasabi peas, and other salty goodnes. Yum city. Next thing I know we’re in a suite party enjoying free booze and lively chatter, and then we were off to enjoy the rest of the night and what the city’s music scene had to offer. More reviews to come, including an inside look at the Indie Awards. Keep on rocking in the free world.


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