If 2 D-list actors break up, and TMZ isn’t there to hear it, does anyone give a fuck?

It would appear that after 5 years of having an ‘I’m hotter than you contest’ over their morning Cheerios, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have called it quits. Megan is known for being hot and comparing herself to Angelina Jolie (oh honey child, no.you.didn’t!) and Brian Austin Green (or BAG) is best known for…ummm… playing David Silver on 90210 about 38 years ago. I enjoyed Megan Fox in Transformers, but she’s dumb as a soda can and has consistently confused ‘good acting’ with ‘showing her tits and pouting her lips’. Oh, and they have tattoos of eachothers names. Always an absolutely brilliant idea. Megan will likely cover hers up with another cliche portrait of Marilyn Monroe. BAG will probably keep his, to remind him that he used to bang Megan Fox, and he’ll never get hotter. I’m bored just writing about them.

Also, I don’t get Dick from Richard.



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