Things I Didn’t Know I Needed Until I Went to Costco on Saturday

A Broke Girl’s Tale of Lust and Greed at Costco….

Buckle up.

So I visited my parents this weekend and we meandered over to heaven…err.. I mean Costco. Oh the sheer volume of stuff! I was half-chubbed 2 minutes after I walked in the door.

I had a Costco-rgasm.

I want more.

Stuff I found/bought/thiefed included:

o       3 pounds of assorted nuts, heavy on the cashews

o       A Roasting Thermometer and Instant Read Probe (yes, I bought it because it has the word ‘probe’ in the title)

o       1 barrel of ketchup (I eat a lot of grilled cheese)

o       A sack of Lasting Choice Rubber Mulch (for my daily mulching needs, naturally)

o       A 48-pack of hot pockets

o       $13.99 worth of tampons (should a flood ever hit Toronto, I have confidence that I could build me a raft out of tampons)

o       A 3 pack of mascara (I’m going for the drag queen eye makeup look these days, and plan to plow through my 3-pack in about a week)

o       450 red plastic cups (I’m never washing another glass again!)

o       1 bucket of macaroni salad (no explanation needed, right?)


Things the woman in front of me in line couldn’t live without:

o       A 12 pound turkey and a vacuum cleaner. Obvi.



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