The Lure of Boxed Wine

I’ve never been able to bring myself to buy boxed wine, but my resolve is quickly waning. I generally enjoy things that come in boxes, including but not limited to shoes, pizza, fruit loops cereal, and my monthly shipment of Alaskan meth. So why not wine? So I’m doing some research, and I’m pretty sure boxed wine ain’t just for the white trash set anymore. I can understand why they like it – the box doubles as a toy for their children and the easy pour spout allows the men folk to smack their baby mammas around whilst not losing one precious drop of zinfandel. Boxed is no longer associated with problem drinking. In fact, I dare say, it’s rather chic! In these tough economic times, it definitely saves a few bucks. And I’m gonna guess that it’s somehow environmentally more friendly than bottled wine? Who doesn’t love that increasingly, some very good wineries have taken to selling their wine in boxes, and according to my research (*cough* google search *cough*) boxed wines have become the fastest-growing segment of the industry. Then I googled ‘segment.’ Then I understood. Then I drank some more wine.

  • lasts longer than bottled wine
  • portable! easily transported to the beach, church, picnics, and your niece’s piano recital
  • the aforementioned ‘cheaper-ness’
So friends, foes, and parole officers: embrace the box. Love the box.



Additional benefits of boxed wine:


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