Movie Review: Four Christmases

What follows is my review of Four Christmases, starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.

Vince looked bloated and tall, which is typical for someone who is fat and 6’5″.

Reese looked adorable. Her hair was fantastic. So blonde. So pantene pro-v ice shine commercial.

Robert Duvall was weird casting as Vince Vaughn’s father, as he’s roughly 4 feet tall.

Kristin Chenoweth (playing Reese’s sister) proved she may suck as an actress, but her breasts are extremely talented.

Random cameo by Tim McGraw playing Vince’s borther Dallas. He grunted a lot and looked super greasy.

The first 45 minutes were totes hilarity. Laughed till it hurt.

Then it took a weird/sad turn and stopped being funny……and stayed that way.

And the ending was poop on toast.

Sigh. I’ll purchase it on DVD once it hits the 2/$20 bin at HMV.

Synopsis on IMDB: When a couple tries to fly away from their family for Christmas, as they do every year, their fun turns around when all flights have been canceled. Now they have to go to four houses to celebrate Christmas while going through memories they don’t want to go into and suprises they can’t handle while they have to use a safe word to get out of situations

That is all.


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