People Who Are Funnier Than Me, And Other Musings

Because I’m so sidesplitting-ly funny and devilishly sarcastic (with a razor sharp wit to boot), I am frequently contacted by strangers (ok, close friends) who will jokingly suggest that I am the secret author of something they just read that made them wet themselves in public.

For example, I have had people suggest that I am one of the writers behind this blog:

I am not.

A complete stranger (ok, my mother) was convinced that I was the person behind these product reviews on Amazon:

Again, not me. Though I’m attracted to him a little bit.

And today, I received this note from a dear love, who I will refer to as Kiki:
“Hi darling. So my friend bought me this awesome book called Freakin Fabulous by Clinton Kelly from “What Not To Wear.” Perhaps did you co write this book on how to dress, speak, behave, drink, entertain, decorate and generally be better than everyone else? I quote “You might have a beautiful red minidress that fits you perfectly, and all your accessories may be perfectly proportioned, but if you wear that red minidress to your 86-year old lover’s funeral, you are a hosebag.”

Dear Kiki: Busted!

Nah, kidding. Didn’t co-write. But would be very interested in writing something similar. I’m leaning towards “Tights are NOT pants – and other ways your outfit is making me nauseaus.”





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