As It Turns Out, I’m Not Allergic to Red Wine (and other realizations from the weekend)

A couple of things I discovered this weekend:

1) I may not be allergic to red wine after all. See, for years whenever I drank a glass of red wine my throat would seize and breathing became painful. The ex was a big wine fan, and we tried many a red, but I’d always have to cut it with juice or pop in order to avoid the pain. Well, after a particularly boozy dinner at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar Friday night I decided to give red another go. And it appears my allergy only applies to Italian reds. Australian and Ontario reds are no problem. This is exciting news, as I’m always looking to expand my alcohol repertoire. Or, if I must drink Italian, I have to have already had a few glasses of other red. And P.S. red wine goes exceptionally well with nacho cheese Doritos. True story.

2) I’m 90% good at drumming, according to Rock Band. Seriously considering buying a Wii when I’m over in the US in October.

3) I may, in fact like pasta. Years of anti-pasta proclamations and sarcastic quips regarding spaghetti lovers are over. The shame! A friend made me some simple spaghetti with mozzarella, browned garlic and plum tomatoes. HEAVEN! I promptly went out today and bought the ingredients to make it myself. Dear fellow pasta lovers – I used to judge and ridicule you. I now hang my head in shame. I admit, I was wrong.

4) I have a penchant for pretending I have more money than I, in fact, do. Exhibit A: I’m buying a ring from Tiffany’s as a sort of symbol of my newfound singlehood. Tiffany’s! Bonus: I get to carry around a Tiffany’s bag. Better bonus: if I buy through my work I get a 15% discount. Random!

5) I love making dips. Tomorrow night is the Season 4 premiere of the Hills and we’re heading over to M’s place. I’m making a Mexican dip, and I’m pretty psyched about it. This summer I’ve already made guac, a 5 layer Mexican dip, and a kickass spinach dip – all to rave reviews.

6) Somewhere along the line, and I didn’t even realize it was happening, I became really really good at tennis. I’ve been taking weekly lessons since May and kinda thought maybe I’d just learn how to serve and be done with it. But the more I play the more I realize I’ve actually gotten kind of good! I’ve figured out this whole tennis thing. I’m hitting shots I never thought I could hit. I’m sweating in places I never knew existed. I am, dare I say, an ATHLETE?

7) People like, HANG OUT at Trinity Bellwood’s park. It’s a legit weekend destination. People bring books and food and blankets and make a day of it. Some alone, some with friends. Some, I hope, with booze. And it’s not just people who are there to walk their dogs or play in a baseball tournie either. And it appears they are enjoying themselves. Public parks – who knew?


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